Customer Acquisition

Banks have their own conventional ways of customer acquisition, but is that just enough? To have an optimum balance of scalability and cost in the long-run, the acquisition cost shall decrease while gross margins should increase.

Trantor’s offers strategic customer acquisition services that significantly reduce the cost of acquisition and expand customer base quickly. Our lead generation and automation systems help you build a comprehensive data ecosystem so that you capitalize on the disruption of financial industry. With our omni-channel campaigns and comprehensive data management, we enable you to allow quick customer onboarding and acquire more customers at lower costs.

Customer Acqusition

Service Capabilities
  • Omni-channel campaigns
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead generation portals
  • Data management
  • Increased business-level control and agility
  • Reduced cost of customer acquisition
  • Data uniforming with automated standardization
  • Quick integration with internal and external systems
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