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Trantor with its rich experience offers comprehensive Data Warehousing solutions.

Data Warehousing Services

At Trantor, we evaluate your organization's current state of data architecture and choose appropriate tools and methods to ensure the availability of accurate and on-time information. We have revamped the focus plan of Data Warehousing for our clients, we believe in making sense of the unprecedented huge amount of data available and to use that information timely whenever required.

Trantor will walk with you for your entire project, from beginning till end. Our clients have been involved in number of data warehousing and data intelligence projects over years. We have rich experience in all phases of Data warehousing and Business Intelligence including:

  • Working with the business to analyze requirements and develop data models
  • Designing and implementing Data Warehousing architecture
  • Designing data models
  • Designing databases to implement data models
  • Integrating data from other applications such as Web, ERP and CRM
  • Selection and use of ETL tools (Extract, Transform & Load)
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