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eCommerce development is one of our key areas of specialization with vast experience on Hybris and Magento.

Ever since our inception, eCommerce development has remained as one of our key areas of specialization with vast experience on Hybris and Magento.

Hybris Development

Hybris eCommerce platform is a robust enterprise technology which offers a whole gamut of omni channel features. It is a fast, flexible and light weight technology stack.

Leverage our deep product knowledge and experience with leading and emerging brands. Trantor can deliver a Hybris multi-channel solution that allows you to enter the market, fully integrated with back-end systems at a reasonable cost.

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Hybris Development Services
Magento Development Services

Magento Development

The Magento eCommerce is an affordable eCommerce platform designed to help you grow, succeed online and help you meet immediate long–term goals.

Trantor web team is extremely experienced with creating custom solutions on the Magento eCommerce platform. Whether you’re in need of post-launch support or recurring development services and consulting, our team of certified developers and experts have you covered.

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WooCommerce Development

Built upon core WordPress functionality for consistency, WooCommerce provides you with all the features necessary to sell online.

We are intimately familiar with the platforms – both WordPress and WooCommerce, and can also built custom extensions to extend your e-commerce functionality. It's more than eCommerce - All dimensions of a business' online presence are harnessed in one place, and presented together flawlessly.

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WooCommerce Development Services
Custom eCommerce Development Services

Custom eCommerce Development

Since your business needs are one of its kinds, it’s more sensible to build up a custom eCommerce solution entirely from scratch.

At Trantor, we can help you developing customized online store because we understand your eCommerce needs. While we have years of experience with solutions like Magento and Hybris, we also have expertise in custom eCommerce development.

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Trantor Client: Advice for Parents
Trantor Client: Marple Physio
Trantor Client: Empire Cycles Ltd.
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