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Our developers create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows and cross-platform. We also love building for new tech like IOT and wearables.

Our developers are agile sprinters — they think fast and code even faster, iterating as they go. On any language you need, with any customizations you require, our mobile application developers always deliver. Our scrum-based agile process delivers higher productivity, quality, and faster time to market for your app.

iOS Development

The features iPhone comes with make it one of the most desired gadgets amongst tech savvy people. The number of iPhone users is increasing and so is the demand of iPhone application development.

Enterprises are looking for an iPhone app developer to offer solutions for external and internal communication. We have been developing quality iPhone apps since Apple first launched the iPhone Developer SDK and App Store. A leading name amongst mobile app development companies, which has a unique proprietary iPhone application development process, which enables us to stand a step above the competition.

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Android Development

The Google Play app store hosts more than 700,000 apps and have recorded more than 25 billion downloads. If you have a mediocre, poorly performing app it could sink like a stone and never be seen or used.

Since its launch in 2008, Android platform has been consistently gaining popularity amongst mobile device users and companies, worldwide. We have been one of the early starters in the realm of Android development and has one of best Android development teams.

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HTML5 Applications

Businesses around the world face a common challenge while developing a mobile app-which is the best platform to create a mobile app?

There could be different answers to this question, however, the choice depends of a multitude of factors such as demographics of the target audience, key brand associations you want to create, budget, and integration with the enterprise systems already in place. If you don’t have an obvious winner in the preliminary analysis, then you may get confused about the right strategy for developing your app. Many cross platform mobile development tools have come up to resolve this dilemma. PhoneGap, Titanium are a few leading frameworks that can be used to create innovative cross platform mobile apps.

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HTML5 Applications Development Services

We have the privilege of working with some of the well-known companies.
Trantor Client: Marple Physio
Trantor Client: Empire Cycles Ltd.
Trantor Technology Partners

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