Automated Testing Services

Reduce Time to Market with Test Automation

Automation testing is the key to implement faster test cycles by automatically performing a suite of tests using an automated test tool.

Automated Testing Services

Trantor’s Automated Regression Testing offers test cycles that can be 90 percent faster than what clients have been used to when relying mostly on manual procedures. Our Test Automation services includes explanation and application of test automation strategy ranging appropriate test tools selection, automated identification of test scenarios, Setup Test Environment, and Automation implementation and maintenance.

Trantor offer end-to-end Automation testing services to fast-track customer business expansion, achieving higher reliability and better returns on investment by reducing business risks.

Our solution is driven by automation objectives and not by tool capability. Our suite of Test Automation services includes:

  • Design and Implement E2E Test Automation Strategy
  • Scripting Automation Component
  • Implementation Automation Framework
  • Comparative Analysis and Implementation of Automation Tools
  • Build Verification Automation and Regression Test Suite Automation
  • Defect Reporting and Governance Automation
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