What’s New

AEM 6.0 – What’s New ?

If you are thinking to upgrade your CQ 5 infrastructure to Adobe’s AEM 6.0 then following information will give you insight into what to expect from this upgrade:

  • Touch Optimized Authoring – A Paradigm shift:
    AEM 6.0 comes with an improved Touch optimized experience authoring user interface. This makes life easy for an authoring user to edit content and manage assets using the new touch interface. Although there are lot of issues already reported for the touch interface, Adobe has been able to come up with fixes for quite many of them as part of service packs released thereafter. The touch optimized interface represents a whole paradigm shift about digital experience and is, in fact, a major modification that adobe has come up with.
  • SIGHTLY – The new Template language:
    A functional server side template language – that is how Adobe defines sightly and has a major focus on security and aims at avoiding cross site scripting vulnerabilities by securing the output using the auto escaping. Besides, separation of concerns is also something that sightly is able to achieve. Now, the presentation logic and business logic need not to be dumped together. Moreover, sightly is told to be more efficient while developing some real life applications.
  • Jackrabbit-3 (OAK):
    A total rewrite of the persistence layer introducing microkernels that enable you scale your AEM setup horizontally as well as linearly. Also, optionally repositories based on open-source document database MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database, known for its strengths in scaling are also available. Additionally, the possibility to store binaries within the data set, integration with Apache Solr for extended search capabilities and many other features are a clear indication of the power of next generation Content Repository.
  • Introduction of Communities:
    Formerly known as Social Communities (SoCo), for user community discussion forums, the communities module offers non-JCR cloud storage on Adobe Social (“Communities Extension”) for scalability. A new generation of Community components, supported by a new framework known as the Social Components Framework, is also released, dramatically reducing the time required to integrate these components (e.g. comments, forums, reviews, ratings, voting, calendars…) within Web properties.
  • Powering Assets module:
    With 6.0 – Assets include the capabilities of Media Publisher (manuscript management, copy editing and the Digital Publishing Suite integration). Add-ons for Adobe Experience Manager Assets are:

    • Dynamic Media and Video
    • Personalized Media
    • Image Authoring Workstation
    • AEM Forms
  • AEM Forms:
    Livecycle Forms make their debut on the Apache felix OSGI framework in AEM 6.0 to add to its promising features. Integrate easy-to-use enterprise forms and documents into your web and mobile experiences — so you can reduce manual processes and increase customer satisfaction. These are new Experience Manager Capabilities for streamlined form discovery, simplified form filling and efficient processing.