Work Culture

Why working here is so much fun

Trantor has gifted people, their skills and abilities challenge you to improve your gameplay every single day. You enjoy an environment where ideas are free to find their way. We believe in open door policy which allows you to share ideas. When you need to add a WOW factor to career, this is a place probably you are looking for. You enjoy every bit of your work starting from learning new things to facing deadly challenges. We believe in transforming dreams into reality. Do you feel the same and want to explore new horizons? COME JOIN US

Here is what you can expect if you work at Trantor

  • High Employee Morale
  • Offers Training Opportunities
  • Good Leadership
  • Handles Poor Performance
  • Understanding Risks
  • Adapts to Opportunities and Changes
  • Clearly Defined Structure
  • Recognition of Work
  • Work–life Balance
  • Well-defined Company Policies
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